Homework Takeover!

Starting out in school the first couple weeks are pretty easy. You go over the syllabus and get to know each other. Then BOOM! You have a paper due in this class, a quiz in that class, and don’t forget about your online assignment due tomorrow.cryingface2.png

Dont break down just yet! Here are a few tips to better help with keeping up with assignments in class.

First and foremost read the syllabus for important dates. This is major key to helping you stay on track. Be aware of due dates.  If your professors upload that work far advance tackle it now instead of rushing to do it later.

Second tip is maybe doing your work in order of classes. If you go down the line of your daily schedule seeing what classes you have home work in. Also figure out which assignments Are much urgent than others. Again this can  go back to being aware of due dates, or having a project assigned versus online homework.

Lastly, MAKE TIME TO DO IT! Sadly homework doesn’t complete itself, and you magically receive an A. Whether it’s in between classes, After work, or when you’re lounging around. You should try to dedicate At least 90 minutes a day to studying. Make it apart of your daily routine and you will be studying without really realizing it.

If  you make time to do the work…..It’ll get done.


Click on the link below to read more tips about better studying habits!




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