Black Unicorns

While in my SPED 3003 class (intro to exceptional children), we were reading assigned cases and discussing amongst members in our groups. My case was entitled “boot camp”. The case was about a first year teacher and her experience in a low-income school district. That wasn’t the important part. The part that stuck out to me was in the passage it explained how the principal really wanted to hire an African-American male educator. I thought that was pretty weird and specific. I did a little research on the subject and found out that this desire is not just fictional. The demand for African American educators Is still high especially in low income areas.

To my surprise minority educators only makeup 2% of the public education staff. Let that sink in….surprised

The demand for black educators is to promote a different alternative for our young black men. No, you don’t have to have a career in dribbling a ball or making touchdowns. When I do think about my tecahers throughout the years I literally only had 1 black male educator. Which ironically was for P.E in middle school.

Our young black children are in need of male educators to look up to. Someone they can relate to and learn from the perspective that a black educator can give them. Not to mention that most black children in low- income cities lack a father like or mentor in their lives. I feel that just like we encourage our young black women to be whatever they want, whether it be a lawyer, doctor etc.Our young men should be given the same opportunities. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having white female or male educators. The effect may be the same but the imapct is major. You are more than your ability to play sports.

Check out the links below for the article and a copy of the assigned reading I had in class.


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