“Life is a marathon, not a sprint”.

Remember in high school when you were prepping for the college life? Applying for them, taking tours, or to even moving in your dorm freshman year? Now after being here for a while you kind of just go with the flow, not really set on which direction to take? I mean it’s great if you come to college knowing exactly what career path you want to go down.  Just don’t feel ashamed if you don’t. It’s really common for students to change majors to find where they fit in. Some may take longer than others to finish. This can also apply to everyday life as well. Everybody’s path will not be the same. Don’t feel pressured into this imaginary race with time. You’ll cross the finish at your own pace. Trust and believe your time will come!race1

“The real race of life is a marathon, not a sprint”! – Tony Robbins

Check out the open letter in the link below to those who don’t graduate in the traditional 4 years. Keep your head up.



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