Desire to inspire

Throughout my time in school I have come across different breeds of teachers. Some used their jobs as a platform to express their love for learning. Others treated it as such…a job. Growing up I have heard “you can talk all you want, I still get paid either way”. I’ve heard how easy it is to become an educator and make “easy money”. Does this not take away from the student? If I don’t feel some kind of passion behind me teaching, how can I expect my students to be excited to learn? Of course teaching is your job but adding your own pizzazz could take you and your class to another level. Studies have shown that success in students tend to be higher when taught by a passionate teacher. It shouldn’t be just about passing grades. Those funny, quirky personalities, We need those! The little 3 year olds that I work with now, may grown up to be an artist, scientist, or lawyer. They we teach can have a major impact on a child’s view on school in general or even life itself. Let’s also produce productive and innovative people! It starts with us! Checkout the following link below. They have some great inputs on why passion behind teaching is so important. Also take the quiz to see what kind of teacher you are.


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